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Visual Arts

In their study of the visual arts, students engage with the materials, traditions, skills and histories of a variety of disciplines as a way to explore the challenges and histories of the world itself. Through courses in pottery, painting, printmaking, photography and more, Upper Schoolers develop skills in problem-solving, research, collaboration and analysis alongside adeptness with materials and technique. Students come away with not only the ability to create and critique art in various disciplines, but greater insight into themselves through the practice of art-making. 

Highlights of Visual Arts Electives:

  • Digital Photography: Sense of Place, Sense of Time
  • Digital Photography: The Microscopic World
  • Graphic Design
  • Printmaking
  • Pottery

Visual Arts Special Topics Courses:

  • Future Fossils, Future Artifacts
  • Anatomy for Artists
  • Illustration
  • Design for Publishing
  • The Mask in Form & Function