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Lower School—Early Childhood

LOWER SCHOOL–Early Childhood (3's-2nd)

A new Montessori track for 2.8 year olds through third grade is launching at Calhoun in fall 2023! Applications open September 2022. Learn more

A child’s first school experience is the foundation for learning for the rest of their lives. That’s why in Lower School—Early Childhood, teachers guide children in learning how to learn. We harness children’s instinctive curiosity, teaching them how to ask questions and find the answers — equipping them with the crucial problem-solving skills they will need in every academic pursuit.

Whether studying colors in preschool or mammals in first grade, children at Calhoun are actively and joyfully engaged in their learning. Our child-centered approach enables students to better understand and recall information, apply their knowledge to the world around them, and develop passions of their own.

One of the most special aspects of Calhoun is the student-teacher relationships. Teachers prioritize getting to know their students not just as learners but as human beings. We know from research that when children feel safe and known at school, it leads them to take risks and do their best work.

Walk through the classrooms at 74th Street, and you'll see children who are excited to come to school. With this foundation, children have an understanding of themselves as learners that will shape whatever comes next — throughout their school journeys and beyond.

Alison Max Rothschild '85
Lower School—Early Childhood Director

"Our goal is to foster students who are excited and directed learners, willing to take intellectual risks."

Steve Solnick, Head of School

Calhoun’s preschool is where children take their first steps to becoming lifelong learners. 

Kindergartners at Calhoun deepen their knowledge of the world around them and gain the confidence to ask questions and find the answers.

The first- and second-grade curriculums emphasize hands-on experiences. Small classes ensure that teachers cater to the interests and needs of each child.