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Story time

Kindergarten at Calhoun

Our goal in educating kindergarten students is to nurture their curiosity and use it as the engine that fuels their learning.

Kindergartners at Calhoun build foundational skills and deepen their knowledge of the world around them, but they also gain the confidence to ask questions and become empowered to find the answers.

Together, we delve into social studies, language arts and math, focusing on concrete, interactive experiences that amplify our understanding. In the second half of the year, each kindergarten class embarks on a multi-disciplinary project that emerges from a shared topic of interest, allowing us to expand our skills as a community of thinkers. Our classroom work is enhanced by explorations in STEAM, Spanish, world music and physical education.

Kindergarten Program Highlights

Community & Relationship Building

In kindergarten, creating a cluster identity is key to how we build community. This is supported by classroom routines — both those that the teacher designs and those that are co-constructed.

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Language Arts

The kindergarten program is infused with daily activities that support literacy and language development, including daily story reading, journal work, letter formation and more. 

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Examples of thematic units in the kindergarten math curriculum include number sense, patterns, place value, symmetry and more. 

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Physical Education

Physical education is an important component of the curriculum in 3’s-2nd grade. Children experience versatile movement and fitness activities that help them build a broad base of motor skills.

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Social-Emotional Learning

Teachers’ goal in kindergarten is to move each child towards independence and autonomy: expanding social skills, building confidence, developing problem-solving strategies, and communication skills.

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Social Studies

Examples of thematic units in the kindergarten social studies curriculum include identity, five senses, changemakers and more. 

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Along with oral communication skills, the Spanish curriculum incorporates a kinesthetic approach that includes the integration of puppets, dance, movement, art activities, role-plays and theater.

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Kindergarten students visit Calhoun’s Discovery Lab to engage in stimulating hands-on projects that integrate the STEAM disciplines – science, technology, engineering, art and math.

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Student Support

Our student support team provides resources to boost development of key academic and social-emotional competencies

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A Day in Kindergarten

A day in Calhoun’s Lower School—Early Childhood is made up of carefully-structured routines, which support academic risk taking and joyful learning. Dedicated blocks of work time allow students to develop new skills, practice problem-solving, and discover their passions. Teachers are also deliberate in creating a secure environment in which children can explore activities outside of their comfort zone.

Each day in kindergarten includes:

  • Daily schedule: 8:30am-2:45pm
  • Choice time
  • Meeting time: introducing content, practicing previous learning, discussing expectations and listening to stories
  • Math, social studies and language arts taught by classroom teacher
  • Specialist classes in STEAM, Spanish, music and physical education
  • Outdoor play
LS74 Art Journal Work
LS74 Math Journal Work
LS74 Language Arts Journal Work
“What I love about Calhoun is that children are allowed to be active learners. They give their input and ask a lot of questions, and it makes the learning more genuine.”
Shnieka JohnsonCalhoun parent and administrator

Calhoun’s ASP offers a wide range of choices for after-school activities. Early drop-off care is also available.

The first- and second-grade curriculums emphasize hands-on experiences. Small classes ensure that teachers cater to the interests and needs of each child. 

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