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Preschool at Calhoun

Calhoun’s preschool is a place where children take their first steps to becoming lifelong learners. Preschool students learn to build, create, communicate and collaborate. They begin to engage with numbers and words through a wide range of tactile activities that are woven into the fabric of the school day. Most of all, they start to discover who they are – developing self-confidence and curiosity for the world around them.

Much of the preschool experience at Calhoun is about becoming part of a community. Children learn to express their needs, listen to others, and work as a team.Students form strong bonds with peers and teachers, and gain an appreciation for differences. Within the safety and structure of their school community, our youngest scholars receive a strong foundation for their future academic pursuits.

Preschool Program Highlights

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3's Relationship Building & Community

Teachers encourage community building in the classroom by encouraging children to help one another and collaborate in group activities such as art, collage-making or building.

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3's Social-Emotional Learning

In the 3’s program, teachers create experiences that help children learn how to be empathetic community members, and to move from toddler-like parallel play to cooperative learning and sharing.

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4's Curriculum

The 4's curriculum focuses on language arts, mathematics, community building, and student development.

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Student Support

Our student support team provides resources to boost development of key academic and social-emotional competencies.

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A Day in Preschool

A day in Calhoun’s Lower School—Early Childhood is made up of carefully-structured routines, which support academic risk taking and joyful learning. Dedicated blocks of work time allow students to develop new skills, practice problem solving, and discover their passions. Teachers are also deliberate in creating a secure environment in which children can explore activities outside of their comfort zone.

Each day in preschool includes:

  • Daily schedule: 8:45am-12pm (half-day) or 8:45am-2:30pm (full-day)
  • Choice time
  • Work time
  • Outdoor play
  • Meeting time: building community, reading stories and exploring new themes as a group
  • Specialist classes in music and physical education
  • Spanish interaction through music, stories and daily routine
“This is a school where children can be who they are. Students know that teachers are  invested in learning with them.”
Christy KongPreschool teacher

Calhoun’s ASP offers a wide range of choices for after-school activities. Early drop-off care is also available.

Kindergartners at Calhoun deepen their knowledge of the world around them and gain the confidence to ask questions and find the answers.

The first- and second-grade curriculums emphasize hands-on experiences. Small classes ensure that teachers cater to the interests and needs of each child.