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Lower School—Elementary


Calhoun’s Lower School–Elementary division equips children to meet new academic milestones, while developing the skills and habits that will serve them for the rest of their journeys as students. 

Because we know the right question can open the door to new understandings, our teachers build upon children’s sense of wonder to guide them toward a deeper probing of ideas. Through intentional scaffolding, we prepare students to reach independence and navigate the next set of challenges — from first homework assignments to peer presentations.

Projects in this division frequently make connections between disciplines and with the world beyond the school, whether it’s creating detailed urban utopias from recycled materials, or simulating a classroom economy for a math project. By being given opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways, children are invested in their work. That passion is visible in our students, who are excited to dive into what comes next. 

Lower School—Elementary Curriculum

Students in grades 3-5 engage in a robust range of courses in humanities, STEM, Spanish, the arts, physical education and more.

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Debra Jeffreys-Glass
Lower School—Elementary Director

"Our goal is to foster students who are excited and directed learners, willing to take intellectual risks."

Steve Solnick, Head of School

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