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4th Grade Program

Lower School students

4th grade Program

In 4th grade, the two tracks of our early-childhood program join together in a carefully planned transition. The program focuses on preparing children to meet new academic milestones, while developing the skills and habits that will serve them in middle school and beyond. 

By the time students move into upper elementary – whether they started their school journeys in the Open Inquiry or Montessori tracks – their foundation in core subjects has equipped them to navigate the next set of challenges. Children are ready to take on abstract math concepts, more advanced reading and writing assignments, and in-depth lab experiences. 

Building on the self-directed learning that’s a hallmark of both early-childhood tracks, we give elementary students ample opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways. As a result, children feel deeply invested in their work, and are excited to dive into what comes next.

Lower School students

4th Grade Curriculum Highlights

In 4th grade, students take core classes in language arts, math, social studies and science, as well as specials in art, music, theater and Spanish. Children begin and end each day with time in cluster, where they discuss study skills like time management and organization, and build community with their teachers and peers. 

Language Arts

Fourth graders strengthen critical thinking and writing skills, engage in studies of poetry and novels, and exercise creativity through the writing of books and stories.

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By 4th grade, students are ready to tackle order of operations, fractions, rates and ratios. Children in the elementary years move from tactile lessons to delving into more abstract concepts.

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Media & Technology

Students build a strong foundation in essential media literacy and technology skills through their explorations in Media Arts.

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Physical Education & Health

The goal in P.E. and health is to encourage kids to be physically active, develop an enjoyment for exercise, stimulate their minds, and start healthy habits from a young age.

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In 4th grade science, the focus is on lab experiences. Students have ample opportunities with experimentation and research in a lab classroom to help them more deeply understand scientific concepts. 

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Social Studies

Topics in 4th grade social studies include community, geography, the early government and history of America, democracy and more.

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Spanish in 4th grade is interdisciplinary, with frequent collaborations with subjects such as math and art that help bring the language to life.

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Student Support

Relationships are the core of everything we do at Calhoun, and the student support team provides additional resources that are tailored to the circumstances of each student. Through individual student and family consultations, or tailored activities such as “Cub Care” classes focused on social-emotional learning, the student support team provides essential resources to boost the development of key skills and enable each student to thrive. 

After School Program

Calhoun’s After School Program (ASP) offers a wide range of choices for after-school activities. Early drop-off and extended day options are also available.

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