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4's Students Search for Shapes In & Out of the Classroom

As part of their work with shapes, our 4's students have been observing how shapes are everywhere – around the classroom, throughout the school and in the neighborhood. Students began by exploring other classrooms in the building, learning how to tally the number of shapes they spotted. Inspired by the book City Shapes by Diana Murray, they also took their search outside to see what shapes they could find on 85th Street. As teachers Alicia Klein and Danita Harrison describe, "We found
shapes in bricks, windows, cars, lights, fencing, and even on the sidewalk."

Here's what the students reported they found:

  • ♡ heart - 2
  • ロ square - 35
  • ◯ circle - 9
  • ▭ rectangle - 8
  • △ triangle - 6
  • ⬡ hexagon - 1
  • ☆ star - 3
  • ♢ diamond - “lots”

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