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Montessori Track: MMS@Calhoun

Montessori Track: MMS@Calhoun
(preschool–3rd grade)

First developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori in 1907, Montessori education fosters independence, self-esteem, social awareness, empathy, resilience, problem solving, and creative thinking—characteristics that will serve students far beyond school.

Calhoun’s Montessori classrooms are led by certified Montessori teachers and use the materials designed by Maria Montessori to emphasize hands-on learning in different subjects. These materials are very concrete for younger children and become more abstract as children grow older.


Stepping Stones (Ages 2.8 years to 3 years)

In Stepping Stones, your child begins to see themself as part of a bigger whole, looking beyond self and family. In a classroom with a small number of students, they learn to be a member of a community. They develop social and emotional skills, from parallel play to cooperative play, from being helped to becoming more independent to care for their own needs, and eventually fulfilling the desire to help and care for others. They also start making meaningful connections with their own lives and school life, as their language development takes off from receptive to expressive language.

Children's House (Ages 3 to Kindergarten)

Children’s House is a time of joyful discovery and making connections. In Children’s House, we honor your child and meet them where they are developmentally through individualized lessons, hands-on exploration, and thoughtful teacher observation—so your child develops and masters skills and concepts in different areas while honing critical thinking and problem solving skills. A Children’s House student is intrinsically motivated to learn because it is a satisfying and joyous pursuit to “work.” Your child becomes part of their classroom community as they learn to care for others, and grace and courtesy are part of daily life.

1st–3rd Grades

In these grades, children transform into social beings driven by their own curiosity. They learn time management and personal organization skills, as they begin to track their own learning in notebooks and folders showing their progression. With support and accountability from their teachers, students have flexibility to pursue topics that excite them while also advancing in all subjects. 

Montessori Curriculum Highlights

In a Montessori classroom, no two students’ days are alike. They are free to follow their curiosity and deeply explore their favorite subjects by selecting assignments that are laid out for them. But while students might gravitate toward certain areas, their teachers monitor that they are making progress in all subjects. Older students learn how to use daily, weekly and monthly planners to track their own progress toward mastery of concepts and completion of projects.

All teachers for Calhoun's Montessori track are AMS (American Montessori Society) certified by MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education).

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