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Meet Our Teachers

Middle School students

Meet Our Teachers

Calhoun faculty and staff are experts and innovators in their field who understand that strong relationships are the foundation for impactful learning.

Our teachers are experienced masters of their craft. Supported by a culture that inspires faculty to keep learning from the latest research and innovation, Calhoun teachers are continually fine-tuning their pedagogical approach. Our faculty are deeply passionate about what they do, not only as educators but as engaged members of the world. They are researchers, scientists, artists and activists who bring their range of passions and expertise to their work in the classroom.

At Calhoun, students call adults by their first names, because we see our role as true partners in the learning process. A wide network of learning specialists, counselors and coaches further supports families throughout their Calhoun journeys. Our commitment to strong student-teacher relationships allows us to ignite students’ curiosity, empower them to take risks, and guide them to new and unexpected places in their intellectual growth.

"My teachers don't leave their job in the classroom. I feel like I have someone walking by my side every step of the way."Upper School student

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