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Middle School Curriculum

Middle School Mandarin class

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School classes are small and discussion-based, with 12-16 students per teacher. This allows teachers to engage students in a dynamic learning process of interdisciplinary, project-oriented curricula that encourages students to be inquisitive, critical thinkers.

The four-year course of study exposes students to a broad knowledge base and readies them for the scholastic commitments expected in the Upper School.

Students are required to take a comprehensive academic program. In addition to the core curriculum, Middle School students study a foreign language (Mandarin and Spanish), computer science and the arts. Students are also immersed in New York City and the world around them through overnight trips to locations such as Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Middle School students

Middle School Curriculum Highlights


Middle School English prepares students with the skills to be successful writers, readers and literary critics.

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Fifth grade combines English and social studies into one interdisciplinary subject area.

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In Middle School math, students master the concepts that will prepare them for geometry and advanced mathematical thinking in high school and beyond.

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Throughout the Middle School music program, students grow as composers, singers and performers and develop literacy in reading and improvising music.

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Middle School science courses are collaborative, project-based, and foster the development of independent scientific inquiry. 

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Social Studies

The social studies program promotes students’ ability to think critically and creatively, consider how people have pushed for equality throughout history, and become effective global citizens in an interdependent world.

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Middle School theater classes are available in playwriting, improvisational acting, theater games, production, puppetry and technical theater. 

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Visual Arts

Visual art classes are offered in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, woodworking and animation.

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World Languages

Middle Schoolers at Calhoun have the option to study Mandarin or Spanish. Courses help students develop fluency, along with a love for languages and interest in Latin and Chinese cultures.

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