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Middle School

Middle School (6th-8th)

Students in Calhoun’s Middle School are seen and known for who they are. This shows up in teachers who go the extra mile to tailor their curriculum to their students’ interests. It shows up in conversations with advisors and close connections with teachers; the assemblies or collaborative projects where our community comes together. In this time of great developmental change—intellectual, emotional and social—Calhoun Middle Schoolers feel a sense of belonging that gives them the confidence and ability to be agents of their own academic journeys.

Calhoun’s Middle School is full of discovery. Students are encouraged to ask why and dig deeper. Teachers are continually looking for ways to guide students beyond their comfort zones, and learn from their mistakes.Middle School is a place where kids’ voices matter, and where meaningful learning happens as much in the in-between spaces as it does in the classroom. Our faculty are deeply passionate about guiding students through this stage of life, which is why in addition to the expertise they bring to their subjects, teachers embed social-emotional skill development into their coursework. This holistic and immersive approach leads to transformative learning experiences. Students leave Calhoun’s Middle School as adaptable and resilient questioners, problem solvers, advocates and upstanders, bridge-builders and global citizens.

Middle School student

“At Calhoun, the teachers really connect with you. They make sure every kid gets the best out of their education.”

Hudson L. ‘25

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School classes are small and discussion-based. Teachers create a dynamic learning process that is interdisciplinary and project-oriented, which encourages students to be inquisitive, critical thinkers.

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Middle School Student Life & Community

From Science Olympiad to Model UN, school sports to clubs and affinity groups, Calhoun Middle Schoolers have experiences that foster the development of their independence, passions and leadership skills. Students have the opportunity to take part in a myriad of clubs and affinity groups, or start clubs based on their interests.

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