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Co-Curricular Programs

Middle School students

Middle Co-Curricular Programs

From Science Olympiad to Model UN, school sports to clubs and affinity groups, Calhoun Middle Schoolers have experiences beyond the classroom that foster the development of their independence, passions and leadership skills.

Clubs & Affinity Groups

Students have the opportunity to take part in clubs and affinity groups, or start clubs based on their interests. Learn more


Our athletics program offers intramural sports for sixth graders, and team sports in seventh and eighth grades. Learn more

The Arts

Calhoun’s arts program empowers students to uncover new understandings of the world around them. Learn more

Cluster & Advisory

Every Middle Schooler is part of a cluster, a small group of students led by a particular teacher, who acts as the child’s mentor and liaison between child, family and school.

Cluster is a time for students to settle into and prepare for their day, consider what's for lunch, or plan how to approach that evening's homework. The work we do in advisory strengthens our community, and is also designed to engage students in critical thinking and bolster their social-emotional preparedness for the world. 

Field Trips

Most Middle School classes integrate field trips throughout the city into the curriculum. For example, Mandarin students frequently practice their conversation skills with regular visits to Chinatown.

Each grade also experiences field trips beyond New York City: Sixth graders go on an overnight trip to Camp Mason, while seventh and eighth graders visit Washington, D.C. and Boston. All eighth graders also have the opportunity to visit China or a Spanish-speaking country during the summer. 

Outdoor Education — 6th Grade

Sixth graders participate in overnight outdoor education experiences to explore science and social themes, serving as an opportunity for personal growth, cooperative learning and community-building. Destinations may include Black Rock Forest Preserve, Mystic Seaport or Camp Mason.

Washington, D.C. — 7th Grade

Seventh graders take a trip to Washington, D.C., visiting sites connected to their studies of American history and government.

Boston — 8th Grade

Eighth grade students take a trip to Boston, culminating their study of early American history.

Excursions Abroad

Optional trips are offered in the Middle School's world language program over the summer to China and Spanish-speaking countries. 

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