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Upper School

Upper School class


In Calhoun’s Upper School, students are at the center of their education. Through a challenging core curriculum supplemented by over 100 electives in math, science, English, social studies, world languages and the arts, students learn to work hard, explore the interconnectedness of disciplines, and discover their unique passions.
Close student-teacher relationships are central to the Upper School experience. The strong interpersonal connections that exist at Calhoun lead to exciting learning opportunities and foster the intellectual, social and emotional growth of our students. With these connections as a foundation, we open our curriculum to a breadth of perspectives, pushing ourselves to investigate the context and viewpoint of diverse voices. 
Through our core curriculum, Upper Schoolers learn to engage deeply with new content and questions. Students also have wide-ranging opportunities to cultivate individualized learning experiences inspired by their interests. At the end of their time at Calhoun, no two graduates have the same transcript – but they all have the skills to continue challenging themselves, and to actively influence whatever path they choose to take. 

Upper School Curriculum

Calhoun's Upper School curriculum is a strong foundation for meaningful intellectual growth. The breadth of academic opportunities challenges students to dig deeper, think outside the box and unlock their own potential.

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Upper School science class

“Calhoun taught me to be a critical thinker, which is something I've carried with me through college and beyond.”

Max M. '05

Upper School Schedule

Our innovative mod schedule allows students to delve deeper into subjects and explore their passions.
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Capstone Programs

Upper School students complete two capstone projects: Junior Workshop, an independent research project, and an internship program called Senior Work.

College Counseling

Our college counseling process empowers students' choices and sets them up for success far beyond the four years of university. 
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Upper School Life & Community

Life in the Upper School is vibrant and welcoming. It’s a place defined by relationships, and where community building is woven into the daily experience. 

Beyond the classroom, Upper Schoolers have myriad opportunities to explore their interests and passions, from clubs and affinity groups to a robust arts program. Our athletics program uses sports as a vehicle to empower students with leadership skills they can use both on and off the court, field or track.

Clubs and Affinity Groups

Students come together outside of class time for clubs and affinity groups, opportunities to explore one's identity and passions.

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Calhoun Athletics

Sports are an integral part of learning at Calhoun. Through teams, clinics, training programs and camps, young people are challenged to take risks, show up for one other, practice accountability, and believe in themselves.

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The Arts

Calhoun’s arts program empowers students to uncover new understandings of the world around them. Our experiential approach to art education makes the learning process more engaging, and demonstrates the interconnectedness of knowledge across disciplines.

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Community Time & Town Meeting

Community Time is a dedicated period when all students are free to connect, meet with clubs or teachers, and attend regular Town Meetings. During weekly Town Meetings, the entire community comes together to talk about important issues, hear from guest speakers, or showcase their talents with one another.

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