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Senior Work Internship Program

The Senior Work program at Calhoun is an unpaid internship program paired with an in-school companion course that helps our students transition from high school to their personal and professional futures.

During the last term of their senior year, students spend three days a week at their internship sites, and two days at Calhoun reflecting on their internship experiences with our faculty. Students learn to apply the intellectual, interpersonal, problem-solving, and cooperative skills that they have learned at Calhoun outside of the school environment under the guidance of on-and-off campus mentors. They also build new knowledge and hone new skills to assist in their move towards independence.

The in-school companion course, known as “BRiDGE” (Build, Reflect, Implement, Develop, Grow, Enrich), gives seniors tools to help with the transition from high school to their next step. BRiDGE programming prompts seniors to think critically about many important questions for young adults. Sessions cover a range of topics, including: health and wellness, personal finance, the academic and social transition to college, workplace communication, networking, diversity and equity, and more. In this way, BRIDGE simultaneously supports the internship experience while addressing the next steps that our students are embarking on.

Support the Program

Would you like to sponsor a Senior Work internship?

Contact Lisa Merritt, Co-Director of College Counseling, to get involved.

Past Internship Sites

Thank you to the 100+ partners that hosted our seniors since 2011.

See the entire list of internship sites.

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