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Science class


Where your child’s future opens.

We know that, whether seven or seventeen, young people are uniquely suited to challenge and change the status quo.

At Calhoun, we seek applicants who seize opportunities for learning and evolving; who exhibit agency and invite collaboration; who are exhilarated by new ideas and divergent perspectives, who continue to ask, “What if?” and “Why not?”

We value the opportunity to work with energizing young people throughout the admissions process. As a prospective Pre-K student carefully and inquisitively draws us a picture, or a sixteen-year-old shares her enthusiasm for the solar system, we learn with and from our applicants—envisioning together the contributions they will make as members of the Calhoun community.

We invite you to connect with our office to learn more about Calhoun. We look forward to meeting you and your children and sharing why Calhoun graduates are equipped with the adaptability, ingenuity and compassion needed to succeed no matter their chosen path.