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Parents often ask, "How do I know my child is doing well and developing–cognitively and socially–in school?"

A leader in progressive education, The Calhoun School offers a definitive guide with eight ways to assess student progress and growth.

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Why Calhoun?

Calhoun is an ongoing independent school for children from 2 years 8 months through 12th grade. Our progressive approach to education meets children where they are, nurturing their sense of inquiry, joy and confidence to foster a love of learning from the very beginning. In an intellectually stimulating and diverse learning community, Calhoun students develop learning skills, social confidence, intellectual curiosity, motivation and a positive attitude about school and their education.

For further information, contact:

Robin Otton
Director of Lower School Admissions
3's-5th Grade

Shameena Khan
Asst. Director of Admissions, 6th-12th