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Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Cougar Society

At Calhoun, we believe that the best way for prospective families to get to know our school is through the eyes of our students. That's why we're excited for families to meet our Cougar Society, a dedicated group of students from our Upper School who play an integral role in welcoming and guiding prospective families during their visits to Calhoun.

Our Cougar Society members are not just tour guides; they are passionate ambassadors for our school. They bring a unique perspective to each tour, sharing their personal experiences, insights, and enthusiasm for Calhoun's vibrant community. When you join us for a tour of our Upper School, you can expect to meet and be guided by a Cougar Society member who will provide an authentic glimpse into life at Calhoun. They'll take you through Calhoun and answer any questions you may have about our academic programs, extracurricular activities and community values.

Please take a moment to learn more about our Cougar Society seniors for the 2023-24 academic year.

Cougar Society Seniors

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Whether you're a prospective family exploring educational options or simply curious about what Calhoun has to offer, we invite you to schedule a visit and let our Cougar Society members show you around.

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