Tuition Assistance FAQs

Are there additional costs besides tuition?

Books and required school trips are included in tuition. Lunch is included for 3rd-12th grade students, but 3's and 4's families bring lunch from home. K-2nd grade families may bring lunch from home or subscribe to lunch provided by Red Rabbit at an additional cost. A light breakfast is also available for 3rd-12th grade students.

After school programs (ASP), including extended care, and Summer Camps are not included in the tuition. For families receiving tuition assistance, the cost of in-house after school programs is reduced by the same percentage as the tuition award. Annual Parent Association dues ($100 per family) are additional.

At what grade levels can one apply for assistance?

Tuition Assistance is considered for students applying to kindergarten through grade 12, but not to applicants to the 3’s or 4’s programs. Families who enroll in the 3's or 4's may apply for tuition assistance for the kindergarten year, though we cannot guarantee that tuition assistance will be awarded. For the 2019-20 academic school year, tuition assistance will be considered for kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th grade applicants.

When does one apply for tuition assistance?

The deadline for submitting Tuition Assistance materials for the 2019-20 school year is December 15, 2018.

What factors are considered when considering if a family qualifies for aid?

Income, savings, investments, assets, debt, living expenses and education and child-care costs are included in the calculations of tuition assistance.

What percentage of your student body receives tuition assistance?

Each year, tuition assistance is awarded to approximately 20 percent of the student body.

Are there any full tuition grants?

All grants are for partial assistance, though awards vary greatly in size depending on the financial circumstances of the family. Families are expected to contribute a minimum of $1,500/year toward tuition.

Are there any scholarships or merit awards?

No, all awards are based on need.

Does every student who demonstrates need receive tuition assistance?

Unfortunately, no. Due to limited resources, Calhoun cannot award assistance to every financially qualified student who applies.

If a family is offered tuition assistance for the first year at Calhoun, can they count on it in future years?

Calhoun is committed to renewal as long as need exists, but returning students must apply for renewal of their awards each year. When it is time for renewal, our Business Office will send families an e-mail reminder to complete the online Tuition Assistance application form.

If a family does not receive tuition assistance and enrolls the student for the first year at full tuition, can the family apply for assistance the following year or in some future year?

It is the school’s expectation that families who start at Calhoun paying full tuition will continue to do so. In cases where there is a dramatic change in financial circumstances, very limited “emergency funds” are available. In this situation, Calhoun accepts applications for assistance from returning families who have not received it in the past. The school cannot, however, guarantee that there will be sufficient funds available to continue the assistance for more than one year. Families requesting emergency funds are asked to contact the School's controller.

How can I relay special circumstances or additional information?

A letter may be submitted to TADS by December 15, 2018 and will become part of the applicant's electronic file.

How can I get additional TADS support?

For questions regarding the Tuition Assistance application process or how to fill out or submit forms, please contact the TADS helpline at 1-800-477-8237 or email TADS Support. Support and tuition assistance forms are available in English and Spanish.

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