1896 Circle

Calhoun’s Alumni Giving Society

When it comes to our alma mater, it's personal: teachers who impacted our lives; classes where we were given a voice; athletic fields where we competed and the stage where we shined; friends we made and traditions we preserved.

Calhoun alums know that success demands sustained commitment, so we are driving the future—for our opportunities and more.

Celebrating all eras of Calhoun graduates, the 1896 Circle honors the founding and rich history of our alma mater. As a society, it recognizes the consistent participation of alumnae/i who invest in the Calhoun Annual Fund for three or more consecutive school years, at any giving level.

To our inaugural members, we extend countless thanks. To those alums who might join the Circle, we send our encouragement! On behalf of the entire school community, thank you.

What is the 1896 Circle?

The 1896 Circle is Calhoun's new giving society for alumni. It recognizes alums who have made a gift to Calhoun in each of the past three consecutive fiscal years. Calhoun's fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.

How do I qualify for membership this year?

All alumni who supported the 2010-11 Annual Fund are automatically counted as the inaugural 1896 Circle members. To maintain membership, those donors must also support the school in 2011-2012. By the 2012-2013 school year, all alumni members need to have made three consecutive gifts to the Calhoun Annual Fund.

What are benefits of membership?

  • Special 1896 Circle gift to members each year
  • Exclusive deals to purchase Calhoun Athletics clothing
  • Special events with Calhoun teachers
  • Priority seating at certain Calhoun Performing Arts Series events
  • Recognition at all Calhoun alumni events and in Calhoun donor publications
  • Exclusive updates from the Calhoun community
  • Watch for additional benefits to come!

Do I need to make a gift each year to remain a member?

Yes! However, if any 1896 Circle member misses one year of giving to the Annual Fund, s/he can return to the Circle by making a gift within the following fiscal year. This only applies to alums who had previously made three consecutive gifts.

What if I am an alum in college?

Any Calhoun graduates who make a gift while they are in college are automatically included as 1896 Circle members. Upon beginning the fifth year as a Calhoun alum, consecutive giving must be maintained to keep your 1896 Circle membership active.

Is membership based on the amount of my gift?

No, not at all. Gifts of any size count towards your 1896 Circle membership. Your gift will make a difference!

Can I apply my gift as a tribute, in honor or memory of a family member, friend, or former teacher/administrator?

Yes! Simply list his or her name when making your gift, and if a member of the Calhoun community, s/he will be notified of the recognition.

How do I make my gift?

Go to Alumnae/i Giving, or contact Bart Hale '00, Alumnae/i Relations Manager, at 646-666-6450 with questions.