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Mission & Values

Student athletes

Athletics Mission & Values

At Calhoun, we use sports as a vehicle to empower students with leadership skills they can use both on and off the court, field or track. For Calhoun athletes, sports are not a sanctuary from the outside world but a lens through which we understand community and our roles within it. This work begins with a commitment to something beyond self-interest.

Calhoun athletes and coaches practice four core values: self-awarenessteamworkempathy and resilience. Through our practice, we challenge one another to investigate why these values are critical to our work in sports and beyond.

Calhoun Athletics Core Values


Student-athletes get to know themselves on a deep level, understanding what they need to perform at their best. Students are presented with many opportunities to reflect on their sports skills, as well as their interactions with teammates. The result is teams of student-athletes that understand their needs as individuals and develop the skills to support their teammates.


Teams collaborate to create their own unique identity and ways of working together. This process gets everyone involved from the very start and ensures everyone’s voice is heard. The goal is to create an inclusive environment in which students-athletes can continue to challenge themselves.


Empathy helps to create an environment in which students can take risks and feel supported. Teammates connect over the shared experience of trying and failing, which allows them to develop empathy for one another. The focus on peer-to-peer interaction is crucial to both the success of the group and students’ individual growth. As a result, student-athletes feel safe to take on challenges and push themselves to keep trying when they miss the mark.


Challenges are real and mistakes are inevitable; resilience is what allows one to move forward. The program aims to teach students how to navigate challenges with confidence and intention. While the values of self-awareness, teamwork and empathy help to create an environment in which students can fail safely, resilience is what helps them bounce back.