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Athletics Programs

Athletics Programs

Tennis players

In addition to team sports, which begin in seventh grade, Calhoun Athletics hosts a series of clinics, training programs, after-school classes and camps designed to foster a love of sports and help student-athletes improve their skills. Check out upcoming athletics programming below.

Fall Sports 2023

Upper School

Fall sports are open to all US students.

Start Date: Monday, August 21

Upper School Teams

Boys/Non-Binary Students Soccer

Girls/Non-Binary Students Soccer

Girls/Non-Binary Students Volleyball

Cross Country (All Genders)

Girls/Non-Binary Students Tennis

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Middle School

Spring sports are open to all 7th & 8th grade students.

Start date: Thursday, September 7


Middle School Teams

Cross Country (All Genders)

Soccer (All Genders)

Girls/Non-Binary Students Volleyball


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See which sports are offered at Calhoun.

Calhoun coaches foster the growth and development of student-athletes by providing continual opportunities to reflect.

At Calhoun, we use sports as a vehicle to empower students with leadership skills they can use both on and off the court, field or track.