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Alumni Spotlight: Senior Work

Calhoun alumni go on to make an impact on the world, no matter what field they choose. In their final mod of Upper School, twelfth graders have the chance to explore professional opportunities through Senior Work, a program, now in its 23rd year, that serves as a bridge between students’ experience and their next steps in the world beyond Calhoun. They participate in a senior project or internship in a field of interest, engage in a professional mentorship, and take electives in topics including health and wellness, personal finance, workplace communication, and more. The goal is to prepare seniors for anything that comes their way after Calhoun, as well as create connections that can help them in their future. 

We asked a few alumni about their current positions and how their time in Senior Work influenced their professional goals and decisions. As seen in the featured stories, the program provides a strong foundation for Calhoun students to build a variety of skills and make the successful transition to the next stage of their lives.

Name: Will Tarshis ’12

Senior Work Internship: Nickelodeon

Occupation: Manager, Current Programming, Scripted Content at NBC Universal (Television and Streaming)

Most rewarding part of Senior Work: Having my first access to the corporate world while in high school was invaluable. I got to make connections with other young professionals while [learning] a lot of the basic skills needed to succeed in the workforce. The Senior Work experience at Nickelodeon showed me how one should carry oneself, what to prioritize, and how to stay organized, all of which helped me succeed in my future internships and first few jobs post-grad.

Name: Ethan Lichtenstein ’18

Senior Work Internship: Prep cook at Landmarc

Occupation: Line cook at Dagon

Most rewarding part of Senior Work: The chefs at Landmarc taught me so many cooking fundamentals that I use every day. My Senior Work experience at Landmarc was humbling, and my time there showed me the mentality necessary to succeed in a professional kitchen. I learned that you’ll only go as far as you push yourself, and gained some thicker skin as well.


Name: Eugene Luke Padayogdog ’18

Senior Work Internship: Teacher fellow at George Jackson Academy

Occupation: Humanities teacher at George Jackson Academy

Most rewarding part of Senior Work: My Senior Work experience helped solidify my interest in education, which led me to confidently pursue the field in college. The relationship I forged during my Senior Work experience allowed me to reach out for a summer internship during my third year of college, which later translated into a formal job offer right out of college.


Name: Alex Tritto ’12

Senior Work Internship: Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency

Occupation: Sales associate at Penguin Random House

Most rewarding part of Senior Work: The Senior Work experience definitely impacted my career! Prior [to that], I hadn’t even really thought of publishing as a career. I knew I loved reading, but I had no idea that I’d be able to translate that into a job. So simply getting my feet wet, learning about the industry, and meeting folks opened my eyes.


Name: Dalas Zeichner ’15

Senior Work Internship: Hospital for Special Surgery

Occupation: Emergency medical technician, BSN student

Most rewarding part of Senior Work: This Senior Work experience exposed me to the different sides of service delivery. Clinically, it showed me what care can look like at the outpatient, orthopedic level. I’ve taken these skills and practices to my profession as a health care worker in emergency medical services, and further in how I intend to become an effective nurse. In the long run, I want to go into healthcare management and education.