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What to Look Forward to in Middle School

Middle School is a transformative time in a student's academic journey. At Calhoun, it's when students will gain independence, learn new things, and grow into their own unique selves. Here are some things to look forward to in Calhoun’s Middle School.

Guidance from amazing teachers

The teachers at Calhoun will make the Middle School journey unforgettable. They’re here to not only help students learn exciting new things, but to guide them every step of the way. Each student starts and ends the day with a cluster advisor, which becomes their “home base” at school. There are also grade deans, learning specialists, a dean of students and an academic dean, who along with teachers are all here to support students in their academic and personal journeys.

“[My English teacher] is a really understanding teacher who gets to know each student. At the end of the school year he writes a letter to each and every student saying how he’s learned from us and how our role in the grade has impacted teachers. I think that’s really amazing.” - Anika S. ‘24

“My cluster advisor has always made me feel welcome and has never hesitated to help me out and talk to me whenever I needed her help.” - Ella L. ‘24

Opportunities for independence and leadership

From students’ first experience figuring out lockers, to the myriad opportunities available to start clubs, lead assemblies or participate in extracurricular activities, Calhoun Middle Schoolers have experiences that foster the development of their independence, passions and leadership skills. 

Some highlights of Middle School student clubs: book club, student government, Model UN, hip hop, movie club, gardening, and more. 

Other awesome student activities: school sports (intramurals for 6th graders, team sports for 7th and 8th graders), affinity groups, Science Olympiad, Town Meetings, the annual talent show, field day, spirit days.

Middle School Soccer
Inspirational learning

Through their core classes, Middle School students will become amazing writers, brilliant scientists and confident mathematicians. They will study history from diverse perspectives, and learn to speak Mandarin or Spanish. They will also explore their interests through electives: sixth graders take art, theater and woodshop, and seventh and eighth graders can choose from a broad list of electives such as Computer Programming, Cooking Essentials, Stop Motion Animation, and more. 

In all of their classes, Calhoun Middle Schoolers can expect to be challenged and pushed, but never to the point that they stop loving what they’re learning.

“Calhoun gives you the right amount of work, so you enjoy what you’re learning and you actually learn from it, but at the same time you’re not extremely stressed out by it. There are always going to be days where you have a lot of homework, but that’s just part of Middle School and teaches you time management. But I would say Calhoun never stresses you out to a really bad level.” - Hudson L. ‘25

Middle School students
Fascinating field trips

Sixth graders go on an overnight trip to Camp Mason, while seventh and eighth graders visit Washington, D.C. and Boston. Mandarin students frequently practice their conversation skills with regular visits to Chinatown. All eighth graders also have the opportunity to visit China or a Spanish-speaking country during the summer. Plus, most classes integrate field trips throughout the city into the curriculum, from a visit to the Delacorte Theater in Theater Tech class, to excursions to galleries and artist studies for the Art in the City elective.

Middle School Mandarin class
Meaningful projects

Middle School at Calhoun is full of capstone projects that students look back on for the rest of their academic careers.

“In science we did the egg drop project. It was a good way to get to know people from other classes, and we were all able to have our voices heard with the design of the egg drop.” - Anika S. ‘24

“A project that I remember and had a lot of fun with was the catapult project. We made catapults out of wood and had a competition to see whose catapult could shoot a bean bag the furthest across the gym. I had a lot of fun, and my group won the contest.” - Christian L-S. ‘24

“In seventh grade English we did the philosophy project. We were given 12 different philosophy questions to write about. It really makes you think. After I did the project, so many ideas started coming into my head, and it was just a great experience.” - Hudson L. ‘25

Middle School Science
Individualized learning

No two students are the same, and at Calhoun each student’s unique learning style and interests are taken into account. Teachers tailor the experience to ensure that all students are challenged and reach their full potential

“I like how the classes are really interactive. Teachers know that we all work differently, and they really help us learn in our own ways and at our own paces.” - Anika S. ‘24

Middle School class
An unforgettable experience

Middle School at Calhoun is like no other. It’s an impactful period of students’ academic careers that they will cherish. 

“Calhoun is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I think Calhoun teaches you empathy. Your teachers really connect with you. You do more than learn, you absorb information. They make sure that every kid gets the best out of their education. I love Calhoun with all my heart.” - Hudson L. ‘25