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Ben Baron, Director of Winds and Brass, Music Faculty
Ben Baron

The Calhoun Wind and Brass program is an outgrowth of our progressive philosophy of education. Process is our focus, and the results that follow are determined by the interests, motivation, discipline and work ethic of our students. The musical product that is created evolves naturally as students collaborate to build a sense of teamwork and trust. This, along with our expert faculty on each instrument, provides students with the support and guidance necessary to fully explore their musical passions.

Through our rehearsals and performances, lessons and discussions, we strive to create spaces for young people to take on new challenges, support one another, and learn to believe in themselves through practicing persistence and accountability. We play a wide range of repertoire which is guided each year by student requests including classical, rock, jazz and film scores. Chamber music and large ensembles are our focus, but there is also opportunity for solo work, composition and more. 

Students begin in the fifth grade with the choice to play either flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone or baritone. Transitioning later to saxophone or oboe is possible and additional instruments may be considered when there is special interest. We work primarily in group settings, but our faculty also takes time to do the important one-on-one work that is essential to instrumental development. We all learn differently, and our teachers are committed to helping every player work through the inherent challenges of learning an instrument. 

We are constantly inspired by the reactions of our students. The joy they feel conquering previous hurdles in their technique, which results in the ability to play more interesting music, fosters a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. This type of growth is one of the many reasons playing an instrument is so fun!

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