Being 3: First Days of a Journey!

by Diane Ryan and Yadira Rivas, 3's teachers

We had a splendid start to the year.  Our phase-in is a gentle process, so on Monday there was just slight trepidation from our little ones.  It is a challenge to say good-bye to our beloved parents, but once we have traversed the great divide and emerged on the other side, everyone feels ready to explore all that the classroom has to offer.

Debbie, LS Music Teacher, with the studentsThis cluster enjoys books.  Someone will bring over a book and in no time at all, a large group has assembled to listen.  Cars and trucks and trains are being used, and the Magna-tiles and Duplos have been taken from their respective bins for building work on the floor or a nearby table.  We have set out markers and crayons everyday at our little project table, and this week we set out paint at the easel. The paintings your children completed are hanging on the wall opposite our doors.

We have had a choice time in the morning with everyone learning to negotiate through the room and learning about one another.  We have had meetings where we sang our name song and joined together in renditions of "Eensy Weensy Spider," "The Great Big Spider" and the "Itty Bitty Spider." We have laughed. We have enjoyed reading an assortment of the Sam series by Barbro Lindgren, illustrated by Eva Erikson. And we listened to I'll Always Come Back  by Steve Metzger.  We certainly saw ourselves and our own separation process mirrored in this story. Then we have washed our hands at the little sink and shared a snack of fruit and chips. 

Young 3's in gym classThe children are practicing going up and down the stairs.  On Friday it was a smoother trip up the stairs and through the 4's classroom to the terrace than it was the first time we tried it.  We have been to our Theater Movement class with Megan, listening and moving to music. Megan taught us Fiesta (dance to the music) and Siesta (lay down quietly), which we played with obvious enthusiasm.  We have attended our very first PE class with Amy, and she had everyone climbing, sliding, and balancing on differently textured materials.  As one of our children remarked afterwords, "I had so much fun in the gym!"  

Thank you all for trusting us with your precious little ones.  We welcome you into our classroom and into the Calhoun community. Together we have experienced a strong beginning and we look forward to a grand time ahead.