Calhouners Usher in the Year of the Pig with Lunar New Year Celebrations

Calhouners in Lower and Middle School celebrated Lunar New Year and the start of the Year of the Pig. Through special assemblies, performances and art projects, the festive mood was felt throughout both Little and Big Calhoun. 

Lunar New Year traditionally marks the start of a new moon and is observed in many countries throughout Asia, as well as Asian communities across the globe. Recently Calhouners came together to take part in some of the festivities and cultural traditions of this widely celebrated holiday. 

Continue reading for a recap of our eventful week of celebration. 

Students in eighth grade Mandarin practiced calligraphy by writing auspicious messages and couplets in advance of the holiday.

MS enjoyed a Lunar New Year assembly that included a game of Jeopardy focused on the culture of China.

Later, seventh graders described their special celebratory fashions in Mandarin during a fashion show. 

Musical performances rounded out this spirited assembly. 

Eighth graders sang "Sorry, My Chinese is Not Very Good" to an excited crowd. 

Hosts Tómas M. and Hilary B. did a great job of emceeing the assembly and getting the crowd involved. 

The 3's kicked off the celebrations at Little Calhoun with a Lunar New Year parade. 

First graders worked together to carefully measure ingredients as they cooked a celebratory meal of sesame noodles. 

On Friday, Little Calhouners joined their friends to celebrate Lunar New Year with an assembly of their own.

Special guests the Golden Lion Club performed a lion dance for students.

After an energetic performance, Little Calhouners got up close and personal with the colorful lions.