Tips for a Successful Independent School Application

The application deadline is fast approaching for independent schools in New York City, and with many families undertaking the process for the first time, the question on many parents’ minds is how to make their child’s application stand out from the rest. Our admissions team shared their insight on how to successfully complete an independent school application.

The most important thing to remember is that a school wants to maximize your child’s academic success and, therefore, make sure there’s a good fit between your child as a learner and the school’s learning environment. Think of the application as a window into your family and your child’s learning needs. To that end, clarity and honesty is always the best strategy. It guarantees that at the end of the application process, your child has ended up in the perfect school for him or her.

Read on for additional tips:

  • Give evidence of some familiarity with the school to which you're applying.
    Use the website, printed materials or conversations with members of the school community as resources to demonstrate your understanding of the school’s programs. 
  • Reflect a resonance with the school’s philosophy.
    Remember that the school wants to enroll students who are the right fit. Show how the school’s mission is in line with what you are looking for as a family.
  • Share what matters to you with respect to academic and social development. 
    Don’t be afraid to get specific about what experiences you want your child to have both inside and outside of the classroom!
  • Keep within the word limit.
    Admissions teams have a lot of applications to read through, and it’s always much appreciated when a family sticks to the word limits and other guidelines.

Have more questions about the admissions process at Calhoun? Check out our Admissions FAQs, or contact our team