Tips for Helping Your Child Adjust to Distance Learning

Learners of all ages are engaging in a new school experience through distance learning. While adjusting from in-person instruction to virtual experiences can prove challenging, there are actions parents can take to support children as they embark on this new educational adventure. Below are some tips for helping students find balance and adjust to their new learning experiences:

Establish daily routines and expectations. Setting up and maintaining structure and consistency will provide a comforting sense of predictability for learners.

Student works on laptop

Maintain flexibility. Each family’s situation is unique and the demands on time differ widely. Allow the flexibility to adjust as needed while you and your child(ren) settle into a routine. 

Establish a dedicated physical space for remote learning to take place. This can help provide consistency and maintain a separation between school time and personal time. In a shared space, consider using headphones to minimize distractions. Create a “pack and go” setup that your child will be responsible for. The setup and clean-up will help signify when the school day begins and ends. 

Encourage physical activity. Students may be spending extra time sitting down and using devices during this time. Make time to take breaks to stretch, move and/or practice mindfulness. 

Maintain a sense of community. Look for and create opportunities for your child to interact with peers. At Calhoun, students complement their individual work with cluster meetings and academic experiences that give them a chance to connect while away from one another.

Remind students that they’re in school. While their learning may look different while at home, it is important to reiterate that they are still indeed learning and many of the same expectations remain. 

Practice patience. Both students and their parents may find this transition stressful. If you find that your child is resisting assignments or becoming easily frustrated, allow them to take a break and come back to the task later. 

Be mindful of your child’s well-being. Speak to them regularly about concerns they have or challenges they are facing during this change in routine.

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