Upper Schoolers Share Their Learning During Demo Day

At the conclusion of Mod 1 students had the opportunity to share their work with peers during Demo Day. Throughout the day, students traveled throughout the building, participating in a number of learning experiences facilitated by their classmates. From presentations to performances to displays, the day gave Upper Schoolers the opportunity to share their newfound skills and knowledge in authentic ways. Below are just some of the demonstrations of learning that took place during fall Demo Day:

Students shares print during Demo Day

Students in Printmaking shared several of their creations while discussing the printmaking process. Later, they discussed how effective exhibition curation can communicate without words.

Student presents on the science of bread pudding on Demo Day

Upper Schoolers from The Science of Food provided snacks during their presentations about the scientific elements of various dishes. 

Students present in Spanish during Demo Day

 Visitors to Spanish I enjoyed bilingual presentations about topics such as television and film before practicing their language skills by playing a game of Jeopardy in Spanish with their peers.

Student presents in front of class

Biology presentations explored a number of topics ranging from vaccines to muscles.

Student uses digital microscope on Demo Day

Microscopic Photography students set up digital microscope stations and guided peers as they made microscopic photos of their own.

Upper School Demo Day Mandarin 3 & 4

Upper Schoolers in Mandarin III and IV shared videos they created speaking the language. Participants later used the videos as material to learn new words in Mandarin.

Students play instruments in lobby

A jazz performance in the lobby gave students the chance to exhibit their musicianship by playing a variety of compositions and improvised solos.

Student solves pre-calculus  problem on Demo Day

Students in Introduction to Precalculus teamed up with the math department to teach their peers about the subject before playing a game of Name That Function. 

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