What to Look for on a School Tour

When it comes to searching for a school, an in-person visit is an invaluable tool in determining whether the school is the right fit for your family. Not only will you get a feel for the atmosphere and dynamics of the community, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with teachers, administrators, and in some cases students about their experiences. But with many schools on your list, what’s the best way to make the most of each visit? Our admissions team shared their tips for what key questions to ask and features to look for on a school tour.

Questions to Ask on All School Visits

  • What is the overall feel/vibe of the school?
  • Do both teachers and students seem engaged and happy?
  • Is there an underlying structure to the program?
  • Are there opportunities for collaboration and group work?
  • What are the ways in which student achievements and developments are conveyed to parents?
2nd Grade Class

Questions to Ask on Preschool and Elementary School Visits

  • Is there a focus on classroom community?
  • Are there age-appropriate classroom routines?
  • Is there a healthy balance of physical activity and seat work?
  • Is student work displayed and celebrated?
  • Are there opportunities for student questions and contributions in group meetings or during interactions with teachers?
Middle School Mandarin

Questions to Ask on Middle and High School Visits

  • Are there opportunities for student questions and contributions such as demonstrating problem-solving or sharing an opinion based on research?
  • Are there opportunities to acquire skills and demonstrate learning from a topic of personal interest?
  • Are there opportunities to use the city and beyond as learning tools?
  • Are there opportunities to seek help from teachers?
  • What are the expectations for students and how are they conveyed?