Student Work

Whether it be through writing, art or the use of technology, Calhoun students explore their coursework through various projects across a number of mediums. Below are just some of the ways Calhouners of all ages display their knowledge: 

The Latest


Virtual Mammal Museum

The annual first grade Mammal Museum took on a new form during distance learning. The core of this multistep project is research and began with first graders gathering information about their mammal of choice. Later, they displayed their knowledge through a number of mediums such as drawings, books, 3D models and dioramas. Teachers gathered images of students' intricate work to create videos sharing projects from each cluster. Each video features a special song—a cover of Bob Marley's "Man Gave Names to all the Animals" with new lyrics written by students.

The Golden Puppies 


The Rainbow Fire Cookies


The Lightning Ladybugs




Student Publications

Are We Worth It?
Written by 7th grader students during the 2019-20 school year

Chrestomathy — The Poetry Issue
Written by 7th grader students during the 2019-20 school year

Reflections on a Pandemic
Written by 7th grader students during the 2019-20 school year

The Cougar Magazine, Ed. 4, Cover Art

The Cougar, Ed. 4
Upper School Magazine
Feature magazine showcasing art, photography and writing by students

Middle School Journal
Essays, stories and poems written by 7th graders in the 2019-20 school year

Are We Still Worth It?
Seventh grade students answer the question The Book Thief poses: Are We (meaning humans) Still Worth It?


Student Films


The Conductor
by Oliver Rauch '19
(Independent Study in Art)

Why Calhoun?
by Jaden Greenfield '19 and Jacob Stahl '19
(Broadcast Journalism Class)

Diversity Mission
by Hope Darris '17 and Brenda Fortune '17
(Broadcast Journalism Class)

Photograme Doc Cover Photo

The DepARTment
by Oliver Rauch '19
(Junior Workshop Class)

Photograme Doc Cover Photo

by Josh Blank '17
(Doc. II Class)

Miguel The Icy Man Doc Cover Photo

Miguel, the Icy Man
by Ana Finnerty-Haggerty '17
(Doc. II Class)