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Calhoun Voices

Hear what our community has to say about how their experiences at Calhoun have changed or impacted their lives.

Christy Kong

Teacher and parent Christy Kong shares how strong relationships between teachers and students enhance the learning experience for Little Calhouners and help to build the foundation for academic success.

Erika Brinzac '10

Current teacher and Calhoun alum Erika Brinzac '10 shares how Calhoun educators place children at the center of their learning, keeping them invested as they make new discoveries in the classroom. 

Shnieka Johnson

Hear from Calhoun administrator and parent Shnieka Johnson about what makes students excited about coming to school every day and how teachers keep children engaged in the classroom throughout their time at Calhoun. 

Hanh Livingston

Calhoun Parent

“What Calhoun wants kids to do is to grow in a way that makes sense to them, not in a way that someone else has decided makes sense…As I watch [my children] I’m constantly thinking, ‘I wish I went to Calhoun.’”

Khadijah Rahim '20

Upper School Student

“At this school they really teach you to take hold of the opportunities given to you and run with them. Coming into Calhoun I realized, there’s more out there, I’m not limited to this little box. I’m thankful that I chose Calhoun.”