Confidence and Connection: Young Women in Athletics Conference Registration Form

Saturday, May 11: 8:15am-4pm at Calhoun

Join us as we celebrate young women in athletics!

Women-identifying athletes in grades 7-12 are invited to this 1-day empowerment conference. Participants will engage in a day of interactive discussion, leadership training, and mentorship centered around amplifying girls' voices in sports.

Conference Cost: $40

I/we, the parent(s)/ guardian(s), hereby acknowledge that I/we may not be available to provide consent for medical treatment in the event my/our child becomes sick or is injured during the trip. In the event I/we are not available for such consent, it is my/our desire to have the best available medical treatment for our/my child. This form authorizes the chaperones on the trip to act on my/our behalf with respect to any required medical treatment and consents, until such time as I/we are able to provide these items. Notice is hereby given to any qualified medical personnel that this authorization is currently in effect, and such personnel are directed to act upon such authorization without delay.​​​