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Our responsibility for community care this year focuses on isolation and masking of confirmed cases. Our primary goal is to be sure that when someone is sick with COVID-19, they stay home for 5 days and mask for 10.

We are no longer contact tracing – per NYS and CDC guidelines – and will not be posting notifications about new cases. There are no longer any mandates on quarantine, cohorting or social distancing.

We are mask flexible throughout the school and support community members' choices about whether and when to mask (other than mandated masking periods following a confirmed case).

Test kits are readily available through Nurse Lisa

What to do after testing positive

Isolation begins immediately following a positive test. Day 0 is the day of the postive test OR day of symptom onset so long as symptoms were reported to Nurse Lisa and there was a negative test result on the day of symptom onset.

Return to campus may occur when the positive person is feeling better on or after day 6 (with no fever without the use of fever-reducing medications for the prior 24 hours, symptoms are improving and no need to continuously use a tissue or have a hacking cough). They must mask through day 10.
- With two sequential negative tests 48 hours apart, masking may end sooner than day 10, after a five day isolation is completed.