Every day, Calhoun makes a commitment to set the future in motion. Spark by spark, curiosity takes hold in our students and becomes the engine that drives better learning, inspiring them to search, to inquire, to experience, to innovate, and to begin that process all over again with each new idea. Throughout the 15-year experience at Calhoun, at every age from the Young 3’s through 12th grade, learning also means that students nurture relationships with teachers and begin to understand the impact of guided human connection; values are identified, formed and shared—not only as intellectual pursuits but as communal convictions that promote equity, diversity and social justice; and the classroom is experiential: senses are stimulated, pathways are individualized, cities are explored, journeys are underway.

Supporting Calhoun makes so much more possible for our students, faculty and staff. With each gift, Calhoun is better able to support our students’ education and fulfill our mission to inspire a passion for learning that values intellectual pursuit, creativity, diversity and community involvement. Your generosity enables our faculty, administrators and coaches to inspire creative, independent thinkers with a conscious responsibility for the good of all.

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