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Reflections from a First Day of School

By Alison Max Rothschild '85, LS Director

In all of my time at Calhoun, I’m not sure we’ve ever had such a smooth and relaxed start to the school year!  As I walked through both buildings over the first few days, I saw joy everywhere I looked.  Children were happy, teachers were happy and parents were perhaps the happiest of all to have the kids back at school after the long summer break! 

 Many of you know that my two-year-old daughter began her first school experience last week and as I wrote in my ubiquitous “first day of school” Facebook post, it is a humbling experience being on the parenting side of starting school.  All of the things I knew to be true about the importance of student/parent/teacher relationships came to life for me as I handed my baby girl to her teachers for the first time. 

Entrusting a school and its teachers to care for and influence your child is a huge step for parents and I want all of you to know how honored we are that you have put your trust in us. While we may not do everything perfectly all the time, one thing is for sure—your child(ren) will be loved and respected every day they are at school with us.  Of course, we also plan to inspire, lead, facilitate and direct each child in his/her cognitive, personal and physical development; but while doing so, we will always remember that the students are your babies and we will care for them as if they were our own.

Thanks for your part in getting the year off to such a fantastic start. Looking forward to a wonderful year together.

Posted by Anonymous on Friday October, 2, 2015

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