Learning By Doing

Calhoun's curriculum represents the best of holistic, progressive teaching and learning—engaging, active and hands-on. 

Students are constantly being encouraged to take an active role in the learning process. Interdisciplinary curriculum—weaving together various disciplines around a central theme—is a way that Calhoun teachers promote depth of learning as opposed to just accumulating information. This integrated, project-based approach begins as early as the threes and continues through Calhoun's Upper School. And many of these experiential projects are site-based--taking our students into our local community's neighborhoods and beyond. 

The passive learner takes information, stores it in the 'attic of the mind' and then uses it only for tests and quizzes. Hopefully it's still there when it's tapped into. The active learner, on the other hand, is encouraged to discover and experience; to make those connections and be able to recall and connect them to new information.  

Main Building 3rd - 12th Grades 433 West End Avenue New York, NY 10024 212.497.6500

Robert L. Beir Lower School Building 2.8 Years - 2nd Grade 160 West 74th Street New York, NY 10023 212.497.6550

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