Diversity and Equity Groups

With the support and guidance of Hilary North, Calhoun's Director of Diversity & Equity Initiatives, Calhoun encourages and initiates a variety of opportunities for committees, clubs and events focusing on issues of diversity. Groups and events vary depending on the interests and needs of Calhoun's students, parents and faculty/staff, but there are a number of long-standing groups and events that recur each year. The school is also affiliated with a number of outside organizations that provide resources and support.

Parent Groups

Parent Groups are open to all Calhoun families. RSVPs are NOT required to attend meetings; just drop in! Free on-site childcare is offered for Calhoun children 3-years and older with RSVP; please contact Hilary North at least TWO DAYS in advance.

Celebrating Unique Differences at Calhoun

Launched in spring 2016, this new affinity group invites parents and caregivers to join the conversation to share experiences and support. Facilitator Michele Pierce-Burns. Parent co-coordinators Andrea Johnston, Melissa Felsher.

Parents of Color

This group provides a space for all Calhoun parents who identify as people of color, to build community and discuss shared experiences. Facilitator: Stacey Haley. Parent co-coordinators: Pascale Bernard, Zurn Porter

Race Talk

For all Calhoun parents who would like to learn more about the construct and history of race in the U.S., and discuss issues related to their own racial identity experience. Co-facilitators: Randy Clancy and Hilary North. Parent co-coordinators: Susie Barkey, Colleen Pike-Blair

Single Parenting

Focus is on support and resource sharing for all Calhoun parents and guardians who parent or co-parent as single people. Facilitator: Valerie Raymond, PhD. Parent coordinators: Melissa Prospere, Elizabeth Silkes.

Touched by Adoption

This group offers support, information and guidance to Calhoun parents who have constructed a family through adoptive parenting, fostering and/or Alternative Reproductive Technologies. Facilitator: Leanne Jaffe, LCSW, of Adapting to Adoption. Parent coordinators: Carolyn Tierney, Charles Carter.

Student Groups

Lower School SOCS

The Students of Color Support group, an affinity group for Calhoun students of color in third through fifth grades, encourages discussions about identity, belonging and cultural pride through a variety of interactive activities. SOCS meets once a week after school. Though it is set up within the structure of Calhoun's After School Program (ASP), there is no cost.

Lower School White Identity Explorers

The White Identity Explorers is a new offering for white students who are interested in learning about developmentally appropriate concepts of race and identity. Participants will begin to define for themselves what it means to be white, while also examining their role in working for racial justice. Activities will include reading picture books, doing creative projects, and sharing of personal experiences. The group will be a place where white students can feel comfortable asking questions and affirming the feelings that are often specific to white students exploring identity.

Middle School Racial Affinity Groups

The racial affinity groups in the Middle School provide spaces in which students of color and white students have opportunities to explore a range of issues related to the social construct of race. The groups are co-facilitated by faculty members and include the girls of color group, boys of color group, white student’s identity group and the mixed race student group.

Upper School Racial Affinity Groups

The racial affinity groups in the Upper School provide spaces in which students of color and white students have opportunities to explore their own racial identities, and how they factor into the larger societal context of race and racial oppression. The groups are co-facilitated by faculty members and outside facilitators and include the students of color group, and the antiracist white students group.

Upper School Gender Affinity Groups

The Upper School offers three affinity spaces in which students explore a range of issues related to gender. The women’s group, men’s group, and gender non-conforming group meet separately and collectively to discuss topics individually, as well as from an intersectional approach. The groups are co-facilitated by Calhoun faculty members and outside facilitators.

Upper School Pride Alliance

Through discussions and action projects, students increase community awareness around issues related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer identities.


Antiracist Educators Collective

The Calhoun Antiracist Educators' Collective meets bi-weekly to explore the intersections between issues of race and racism, our institutional commitment to diversity and equity, and the individual roles we play in advancing racial justice in our lives. Folks who have previously attended an anti-racist training or workshop are encouraged to participate, but all interested Calhoun staff and faculty are welcome.


Calhoun strongly encourages participation of faculty, administrators and Upper School students in a wide range of off-site professional development and leadership opportunities, including attendance at some of the workshops and conferences listed below.

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