The 1970s modernistic architecture of Calhoun's flagship building certainly belies the school's age, which is more than 100 years old--dating back to its founding in 1896. And while Calhoun thrives on change, our community does, in fact, have quite a few traditions that have continued through the years. So in answer to inquiring minds that want to know, here's the beginning of what we hope will be a definitive list of some of the lasting activities, projects and uniquely Calhoun quirks that have transcended the years.

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Calhoun Carnival, a.k.a. Spring Fair (1963)
Community Service
Field Day


Book Fair
Cluster/Grade Days
Harvest Festival
Open classrooms
Ski Trip (traces back to 1940s)
12 Days of Christmas


Annual Faculty Tea
Egg Drop
Eighth grade English research paper (c. 1980)
First grade Pocket People
LS Special Courses (since 1980)
MS trips to Washington, DC, and Boston
US Community Service requirement (c. 1980s)
Parent Volleyball
Peer Leaders/camping trip
US Class Day


Cougar mascot (1994)
Kindergarten life-size self-portraits
LS Welcome Back Picnic (1990)
MS trips to Frost Valley or other camping destination
Cymbal clanging, marking the last day of school
Common Cents' Penny Harvest
First Calhoun website, (1996)
First Grade Mammal Museum
MCC Club
MS commencement ceremony
MS Egyptian tomb project (c. 1996)
MS Souk project (c. 1996)
QSP, a.k.a. LGBT club
Active Physics chapter challenges (c. 1998)
Fourth Grade Moving Up
US Graduation baby slide shows
US biology cell construction project (traced back to 1999)
Steve Nelson's graduation poems 


Senior Projects > Masterworks >> Senior Work
Senior Prom returns! (2000)

Newer Traditions

Athletic Banquet
Black Rock Forest trips
Community Orchestra
Junior Work
LS 100-Day Museum
Performing Arts Series (2004)
Senior Dinner
First Grade Summer Send-Off

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