Community Outreach

The Parents Association is affiliated with a number of organizations that support independent school families by providing parenting workshops, resource guides and support services. The PA also supports our city resources—namely, our parks—through community service activities and yearly donations.

Joint Schools Activities Inc. (JSA)

Joint Schools Activities, Inc. (JSA), is a non-profit organization created and supported by the Parent Associations of Independent Schools in Manhattan and Riverdale. Its mission is to advocate interest-based and age-appropriate activities for teenagers and to provide a broad range of opportunities for socialization through common experiences. The Joint Schools Committee for the Upper School includes student and parent representatives from member schools who meet once a month to plan activities. These activities include community service projects, and cultural and social events. Calhoun students frequently participate in two Joint Schools projects—Independent Visions, the annual student photography exhibit; and Independent Voices, the annual poetry reading, which is accompanied by a published anthology of student poetry.

NYC Parks

In recognition of our school's and our children's frequent use of our parks for recreation and classroom study, the Parents Association makes yearly donations to the Riverside Park Fund and Central Park Conservancy. The Parents Association also sponsors, through the CCA committee, park clean-up and planting days for families as part of the school's commitment to community outreach and environmental awareness.

Parents League

Calhoun is a member of the Parents League, an organization that serves NYC independent schools and their families. The League sponsors frequent seminars, and offers extensive resource files on schools, camps, babysitters and after-school programs. Individual memberships are available by contacting the League directly.

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