Aeroponic Tower Garden

Students in the Middle and Upper School Sustainability and Garden Clubs are growing and harvesting greens and herbs for Calhoun's lunch program using three aeroponic tower gardens.

The tower gardens are self-contained, closed systems that use about 20 gallons of water each (none wasted), without need for soil or sun—though the new full-spectrum growing lights are definitely contributing to the growing tower's efficiency. As many as 20 plants can be planted in one tower garden at one time, ready for harvest in as little as 21 days.

Lower Schoolers are contributing to the project by nurturing the seedlings for the tower garden. Middle Schoolers are planting the seedlings in the tower garden, testing the water acidity to ensure the correct pH factor, and harvesting the plants; already, they have provided a healthy batch of basil, kale, arugula, bib lettuce and other greens to our food service program!

David Hyman, Sustainability Coordinator at Calhoun, is thrilled about the way the students are taking charge of the tower gardens and even enthusiastic about the opportunities they creating for cross-divisional cooperation.

Start Your Own Tower Garden!

To find out how you or your school might start a Tower Garden, contact David Hyman, Calhoun Sustainability Coordinator

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