9-11 Through Young Eyes

“9-11 Through Young Eyes” was accepted into the permanent collection of the 9-11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero.

About the Work

This haunting 31-pictorial series, created in the after-math of 9-11 and inspired by the work of Jacob Lawrence, captures the profound impact of a devastating historical moment in time as seen through the eyes of 13-year-old students from The Calhoun School on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Under the direction of Middle School teachers Helen Bruno and Jessica Houston, the students learned to collaborate, debate, analyze and distill the profoundly affecting events of the day through the art-making process. (Read the press release for more information about Jacob Lawrence and the work of the students.)

The Artists: 8th graders, Class of 2006

Benjamin Abrams, Weslee Berke, Angela Bonilla, Justin Brooke, Harper Buonanno, Clio Calman, James Dawson, Michael Feher, Erik Font, Theo Goodman, Sophie Harris, Jonathan Jimenez, David Katz, Rachel Klepner, Eva Loomis, Emily McDonald, Madeleine McMillan, Ramon “PJ" Padilla, Joshua Pozzuto, Rory Sasson, Samara Savino, Katherine Schreiber, Andrew Schwartz, Sophie Silverberg, Rachel Spitz-Lieberman, Raymond Weiss, Rachel Wiedermann, Blake Zaretsky, David Zhou, Michael Zurkuhlen, Peter Zurkuhlen

Special Thanks

With sincere thanks to Helen Bruno and Jessica Houston, the two Middle School teachers responsible for this wonderful work, and to Karen La Rosa, Bridget Moore, the staff at DC Moore Gallery, Suzanne La Rosa, and the staff at NewSouth Books, Inc., Montgomery, Alabama, for lending their time, talent and enthusiastic support to the effort to have this work seen. Also, acknowledgement must be made to Facing History and Ourselves, whose workshop inspired our teachers to create this wonderful learning opportunity for our students.

The event was prominently featured in "Artists Rise to an Occasion for Reflection," (New York Times Weekend ARTS, Aug. 26).

9-11 Through Young Eyes
10th Anniversary Exhibit

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