2012-13: Raise Your Voice!

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Raise Your Voice! Stand Up for What You Believe encourages every member of the Calhoun community to be an advocate by teaching others about a cause/issue of personal importance. What else do we care about? Animal rights? Voting rights? Hydrofracking? (See below for more issues important to the Calhoun community.)

This theme is not about volume. Quite the contrary; it is about listening to each other in order to learn from each other. It is also about learning how silence can be the loudest expression of voice. Calhoun students are encouraged to raise their voices in song, in theatrical presentation, as a soloist or as part of an ensemble.

A sample of Raise Your Voice! projects...

This list is a short sampling of the many projects inspired by the yearly theme. Check back for more! Middle School 5th & 6th graders study issues of importance to them. In their Humanities classes, MS students researched and reflected on what issue was most important to them. This video — created by LS Digital Arts Teacher Rob Kleinschmidt — shows the students raising their voices.

US students in Spanish and in Global Social Movements joined together to explore the history of the la cacerolazo, as part of their analysis of political activism in Argentina. What happends when words are not enough to express political discontent in a society?

Harvest Festival — rescheduled from November — presented 2nd-12th graders with many opportunities to raise their voice and to learn about others doing the same. Students learned how to communicate in basic sign language, created inspiring artwork to share with students in other schools and prepared and delivered food for New Yorkers in need. Pictures in the Media Gallery.

Jordan Peele '97 shared how he uses his voice for social commentary and comedy with the Middle and Upper School students.

Noel Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul & Mary, talked with students about the importance of finding one's voice and using it to help others. He played a few of his most inspirational songs and our students sang along. See photos.

Middle School Spanish students "alzan sus vozes" for issues that are important to them.

Upper School Big Read

State By State: A Panoramic Portrait of America, 50 Writers on 50 States by Matt Weiland (2008).
All US teachers and students were provided a copy of this book for summer reading. 15 essays were selected for everyone to read: They are listed by state name: Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia. The essays are short, informative and often funny lenses focusing on life, history, politics and personal experiences with or in these states. There's interesting material in every essay and we are certain that this book will spark a wide variety of interesting conversations between students, teachers and parents.

Library Resources

Check the Calhoun Library's Online Catalog for recommended books, online sources and local and national organizations for student action. Know another resource? Send it to Josephine Salvador to be included in this list. (If you do not have a Calhoun login account, please contact Josephine Salvador for access to this information.)

LS/MS Activist Websites

Doing Good Together "The idea behind Doing Good Together is to inspire, encourage and equip families to volunteer together, to spend time with loved ones while also helping the larger world."

Change.org: Start a Petition "Every day, people who start petitions on Change.org win meaningful change using the most easy-to-use & powerful grassroots organizing tools on the web."

Kids Caring 4 Kids Connnecting students in North America with projects that support students in Africa.

Teen/US Activist Websites

C-Span Student Cam 2013 Students are invited to submit 5-8 minute videos in which they tell the president what they believe is the most importan issue for the next presidency.

DoSomething.org A "call to action is always something that has a real impact and doesn't require money, an adult, or a car."

Student Voice "Student Voice is a movement for the students and by the students, connecting the organizers of tomorrow and giving them a voice today."




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For More Information

We welcome the involvement of everyone connected to Calhoun. Please contact us with any questions or comments, or resources we should add to our library. We are also happy to give tours of our school to outside educators!

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