Green Roof Design

Green roof type

  • Semi-intensive (grass with planting beds)
  • Total Size of "green roof" (including paver area, sedum area and grass area) : +/- 2,500 sf
  • The 'Turf System' –"Grass" roof area= 1200 Sq. Ft. The '6" System'-Sedum roof area 200 Sq. Ft. Rubber pavers surround the grass. Planter Boxes
  • Roof Accessibility: Accessible, ADA: (2) ramped walkways have been positioned running North/South along each side of the Turf System.

Green Roof System Details

  • System designed around the 50 pounds per square foot (psf) load requirement, a 10-inch deep green roof, with 5 inches of lightweight granular drainage media and 5 inches of light-weight.
  • The drainage media is 100% mineral and the growth media is greater than 92% organic. This is to provide a durable and structurally stable substrate for the turf.
  • Green Roof System: Roofscapes Inc.
  • Roof Membrane type: Fluid applied membrane
  • Insulation: rigid insulation and isocyanurate board
  • Growing medium depth (inches): 10 Inches for grass
  • Original Plant selection: Assorted Grasses, Sedum Album, Sedum Spurium alba Whiteform, Sedum Spurium Fuldagluu, Sedum Cauticolar, Lidakense, Sedum Sexangulare, Allium Schoenprasm, Petrorhagia Saxifraga. (New plants have been added and substituted)
  • Planting method: Grown in place
  • Drains : 4 roof drains in grass area
  • Irrigation System: Drip Irrigation
  • Accessories: Inset planting beds


  • Weekly mowing, irrigation, occasional weeding and fertilizing; extra watering based on extreme weather conditions
  • Warranty -- 20 years from Carlisle

Original Project Team

  • Architect: FX Fowle Architects (formerly Fox & Fowle Architects)
  • Structural Engineer: Anastos Engineering
  • Construction Mgr.: Sciame
  • Green Roof Consultant: Roofmeadow (aka Roofscapes Inc.
  • Green Roof System: Mfr Carlisle
  • Roof Membrane: MfrBig Carlisle
  • Growing Medium Mfr: Big River Industries
  • Growing Medium Distributor: Town and Gardens
  • Accessory Supplier Stabilized Grass Roof: The Motz Group
Green Roof engineering
Tours & Information

Tours of the Green Roof are open to the public—particularly educational and governmental groups, local residential and community groups.

Please contact:
Beth Krieger
Director of Communications

Main Building 3rd - 12th Grades 433 West End Avenue New York, NY 10024 212.497.6500

Robert L. Beir Lower School Building 2.8 Years - 2nd Grade 160 West 74th Street New York, NY 10023 212.497.6550

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