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Why is our food sooo good?

We came in this morning to the aroma of roasting pork shoulder which had been in the oven, slowly roasting all night. I immediately told Jose, “this morning for breakfast I’ll take some pulled pork on a biscuit!” He cracked up laughing….as if to say, “that’s not happening, Chef, unless you want to make the biscuits!” Brian is over on the side, also laughing while he’s piping muffin batter in the muffin pans to bake the delicious mini muffins for breakfast. Oscar is out on the Servery cutting up fruit to put out on the “breakfast bar” while Dan is making coffee and putting out juice. Ilya is finishing up the oatmeal, while teasing Jose, and Marcus is busy getting things lined up for Open House tonight. Mark is already busy making composed salads to put out on today’s salad bar. There’s a busy, jovial hum going on in the kitchen. This goes on just about every morning. I am totally convinced that the reason our food is so good is because of the love that these people put into making it. And it’s like this every day!

It’s always a treat watching Jose cook and today he’s treating us to the following for lunch:

Today’s soup is one that people love to eat in the autumn. Today Chef Jose is making Butternut Squash Soup with Roasted Pears and Ginger. How many of you just said or thought the word “yum”? We will also serve this soup at the Open House tonight.

We won’t be offering a sandwich today because our entrée is a type of sandwich.

That entrée is that pulled pork prepared as Pulled Pork Adobo Tacos. Jose’s adobo sauce is one made with dried guajillo and ancho peppers, reconstituted and cooked with onions and other seasonings. This is the type of adobo used in Latin cuisines as compared to the adobo made in the Philippines which uses vinegar to marinate the meat. After the pork is pulled, Jose will mix it with this adobo sauce. At lunch we’ll put it on corn tortillas. At the end of the servery we will have sour cream and more adobo sauce for you to add if you want it. On the Salad Bar there will also be chopped onions and cilantro. Now is the time for that “YUM”!

Vegetarians/Vegans will have equally delicious tacos made with Pinto Beans and chopped Cauliflower in Adobo sauce.

Our side dishes today will be maquechoux of Corn, Poblano Peppers and Cherry Tomatoes, and, for the starch, Oven Fries (yes, we’ll have ketchup for you today).

Check out the Salad Bar to see what composed salads Mark has made. I don’t even know yet but I am looking forward to them.

Have some sweet fruit for dessert.

I have a feeling that we will see most of you at lunch today! I look forward to that. Enjoy the day!


Posted by chef on Thursday October, 26, 2017

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