I’m Not Racist... Am I?



What if this next generation could transcend racism? Over the course of one year, 12 teens take a remarkable journey to face racism and white privilege, have the conversations most of us are too afraid to have. Once they push through naiveté, guilt and tears, what they learn may change us all.

I'm Not Racist... Am I? is a feature documentary about how this next generation is going to confront racism. We asked 12 teenagers from New York City to come together for one school year to talk about race and privilege in a series of workshops and in conversations with friends and family members.

None of these teens think that the racial rules of their parents' generation apply to them today. They know the US is not post-racial — and they don't want it to be. They know there is no such thing as being colorblind — and they don't want to be. But they're also very clear that the most sought-after schools in New York have mostly white and Asian students, and the neighborhoods they want to get out of are black and Hispanic. They know. They just don't know why.

Join them as they plunge into a year-long journey to get at the heart of racism. What unfolds over the course of the year will challenge their relationships with their friends, within their own families and, most of all, within themselves. We'll watch as they have the conversations most of us are too afraid to have and we'll struggle right along with them as they try to make sense of it all in their daily lives. As they push through naiveté, guilt and some tears, we'll see these remarkable young people develop deeper bonds, a stronger resolve and a bigger, more significant definition of racism than any of us ever imagined.


“I'm not Racist...Am I? is a deeply engaging and powerfully thought provoking documentary that redefines what we thought we knew about racism. After witnessing the courage and vulnerability of 12 teenage students, viewers are compelled to engage in the often uncomfortable yet purposeful, necessary and meaningful discussions about race and the impact systemic racism has on our society. It's a must-see for high school students as well as educators and parents of all ages."
— Diversity Director, Marlo McNeil, Roland Park Country School in Baltimore, MD

"A powerful and timely event with one of the most diverse group of Googlers together in one room talking about racial issues and solutions,"
— Marjai Roberts, Talks at Google Coordinator & BGN Speaker Events Co-Lead, in response to the viewing of the film, I'm Not Racist, Am I?, followed by workshop.

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