College Counseling

Our counseling process is designed both as an individualized and group experience. Calhoun's College Counseling Office maintains communication with a broad array of colleges and universities; coordinates visits to Calhoun with representatives from numerous colleges and universities; and keeps an up-to-date college reference library, including information on financial aid. Equally important, because of the small size of the junior and senior classes, the Director and Associate Director of College Counseling have the opportunity to become familiar with each and every Calhoun student, guiding the students through the process with their strengths in mind and their interests at heart.

College Seminar

Each winter, Calhoun's college counselors begin an ongoing seminar for juniors. One period each week is devoted to discussions of issues that frequently arise during the early stages of the college process. The junior class is divided into sections so that each group is of reasonable size, allowing for an informal structure conducive to discussion, questions and answers. The seminar continues until the first of May; it resumes in September of the senior year and continues through December. At this stage, issues of more immediate and specific nature are addressed (e.g. pointers about the college interview and the application essay; arranging for teacher recommendation letters). Also discussed are the nuts-and-bolts of the application process: the importance of meeting deadlines, reporting test scores to colleges, and what forms to submit (and when) to colleges. Because of the College Seminar, our counselors' one-on-one meetings with students become more fruitful; they are able to identify swiftly students' individual concerns and needs. Counselors also meet with parents, who are involved throughout the process.

For More Information

Lisa Bianchi Merritt
Director of College Counseling

Jarrad Nunes
Associate Director of College Counseling

Victoria Eatman
Office Manager