Kindergarten at Calhoun

Our goal in educating kindergarten students is to nurture their curiosity and use it as the engine that fuels their learning. Kindergartners at Calhoun build foundational skills and deepen their knowledge of the world around them, but they also gain the confidence to ask questions and become empowered to find the answers.

At the beginning of the year, we set goals for each kindergarten student tailored to their unique skillset. Together, we delve into social studies, language arts and math, focusing on concrete, interactive experiences that amplify our understanding. Starting in winter term, each kindergarten class embarks on a multi-disciplinary project that emerges from a shared topic of interest, allowing us to expand our skills as a community of thinkers. Our classroom work is enhanced by explorations in STEAM, Spanish, world music, theater and physical education.

Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten Social Studies
Kindergarten Language Arts
Kindergarten STEAM

Project-Based Inquiry

A Day in Kindergarten

Each day in kindergarten includes:

  • Choice time
  • Meeting time: introducing content, practicing previous learning, discussing expectations and listening to stories
  • Worktime: math, social studies and language arts taught by classroom teacher
  • Specialist classes in STEAM, Spanish, music, theater/yoga and physical education
  • Outdoor play
LS74 Art Journal Work
LS74 Math Journal Work
LS74 Language Arts Journal Work