A Day in Lower School — Early Childhood

A day in Calhoun’s Lower School — Early Childhood is made up of carefully-structured routines, which supports academic risk taking and joyful learning. Dedicated blocks of work time allow students to develop new skills, practice problem solving, and discover their passions. Teachers are also deliberate in creating a secure environment in which children can explore activities outside of their comfort zone.

Daily Schedule

  • 3’s (half-day): 8:45am-12pm
  • 3’s and 4’s: 8:45am-2:30pm
  • Kindergarten-2nd grade: 8:30am-2:45pm

Drop-In Care and After School Programs

Early drop-off care is available starting at 8am for 3’s-2nd grade students.

Calhoun’s After School Program (ASP) offers a wide range of choices for after-school activities for Calhoun students, 3's through 8th grade. Additional drop-in care and extended day services are available through Calhoun’s ASP program. Learn more.

Lunch Program

Calhoun teams up with Red Rabbit to offer an optional lunch program to children in kindergarten through 2nd grade. Full day 3's and 4's students—as well as kindergarten through 2nd graders who do not use the Red Rabbit program—may bring nut-free lunches from home.

Beyond the Classroom

Teachers frequently organize trips outside of school to deepen the learning experience and engagement of our students. Our preschoolers might begin their exploration with a nature walk around the neighborhood, while kindergarten-2nd grade students take field trips to nearby parks and museums, or various locations around the city related to their studies.


Learn More

Learn more about our programs for preschool, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade children.

Calhoun Clusters

Each student is part of a “cluster,” a Calhoun term for a class of 10-15 students who spend their day working, exploring and learning together.

Thanks to our small class sizes, our teachers get to know students as individuals and are able to tailor activities to each child’s unique learning style or interests.

Parent/Teacher Partnership

Parents are welcomed into the school as partners in their child’s education. Teachers are in close touch with families, whether through pick-up and drop-off times, weekly emails, or family conferences held throughout the year. Parents are also encouraged to take part in the life of the school by visiting the classroom, joining class field trips, or volunteering.