K-2nd Grade Lunch Program — Red Rabbit

Calhoun teams up with Red Rabbit to offer an optional lunch program to children in kindergarten through 2nd grade. To read more about Red Rabbit, visit www.myredrabbit.com.

Red Rabbit Meals

Red Rabbit specializes in providing school meals made entirely from scratch, exclusively for kids. Informed by fifteen years of talking to kids, teachers and cafeteria staff, Red Rabbit designs the menus based on what kids like to eat while ensuring the food is of the highest quality possible so students can live up to their full potential in school.

The meals are both nutritious and delicious, with everything from sauces to breads made fresh daily. The ingredients come from a variety of local vendors, and the recipes are developed by Red Rabbit chefs who come from strong culinary backgrounds.


Red Rabbit offers a mix of daily offerings to include hot meals and cold meals throughout the week.

Red Rabbit Policies

Food Allergies: Red Rabbit’s kitchen is a nut, seed and shellfish free facility and can accommodate the most common occurring food allergies: Vegetarian, Egg/Dairy-Free, Soy/Gluten/Tomato-Free.

Please specify which menu you will need for your child when you are enrolling.

Refunds/Credits: There are no refunds for meal service once payment has been accepted and service has begun. Red Rabbit does not offer credits for absences or vacations.

Policy for Last-Minute Closures: If communicated with over 24 hours notice, we will not charge a cancellation fee, and all meals that have been paid for will roll over to be used once school reopens. In the case that the closure extends into the summer, we will work out who needs refunds/credits as needed.

For other details, feel free to contact Calhoun's Emily Bales, Coordinator of Lower School Operations, 212-497-6552.


Sessions & Pricing

Session 1
October 7 - November 24
Meals: 32
Cost: $310.40

Session 2
November 30 - January 18
Meals: 29
Cost: $281.30

Full Session
October 7 - January 18
Meals: 61
Cost: $591.70

Deadline to sign up is Sept. 25. We will reopen sign-ups in early November for Session 2.

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